How to make sure your perfect day isn’t typical

How to make sure your perfect day isn’t typical 1024 576 Vegas Private Dining

Planning Guide

How to make sure your perfect day isn't typical

Planning Guide

How to make sure your perfect day isn't typical

Wedding receptions are a lot like children; everyone thinks their own is incredibly special, but they’re mostly all the same.

Hosting an amazing wedding reception or rehearsal dinner is possible on nearly any budget, but with a few creative additions you can take it from exceptional to spectacular. Follow these tips to take your wedding or rehearsal dinner from better-than-average to legendary.

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1. Don't pick a boring venue.

Unless you’re getting married in your back yard, wedding receptions are expensive. If you’re dipping into your parents’ retirement to fund your special day, make sure you do it right and pick somewhere fun. People typically look for some sort of banquet hall, however, once you book the venue you’ll have to figure out how to make it feel like something other than… a banquet hall. And no matter how many centerpieces, streamers and balloons you include, those distinct fluorescent lights and round tables will still show up in your photos.

If you are reading this blog, there is a really good chance that you’ve decided to have your event in Las Vegas. If that’s true, you’re in luck. Las Vegas has hundreds of venues, restaurants, lounges and nightclubs that have spent millions of dollars to make their decor amazing and unique. Take a look at the photos below:

Which venue looks more expensive? To achieve this look, the banquet hall on the left needed tables, linens, place settings, decor, stage setup, audio-visual and more.  The venue on the right was designed with this look before the event was even planned.  Choosing a high-end restaurant or nightclub allows you to save on linens and décor and apply more of your budget to food, beverage and entertainment. Plus, these types of venues have been meticulously built by a designer to create a uniquely detailed environment and experience.

2. Don't serve``banquet chicken``.

In many banquet room settings, the standard chicken, mashed potato and vegetable plate is very common. A talented chef or a special venue can sometimes make it look appealing, but in the end it’s a pretty bland option for a special event. By choosing a restaurant over a banquet hall, you’ll be able to apply more of your budget towards food and incorporate some fun or even edgy options. So, go ahead and do something different to give your guests a dinner to remember.

In the photo on the left, above, is regular old “banquet chicken”. Consider choosing smaller plates that are more visually and texturally interesting. Small plates with lots of color, like the ones above, will impress your guests, and may even promote social media sharing outside of the traditional congratulatory post.

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